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Quoll (Dasyurus viverrinus)


The Spotted Tail Quoll

Quolls are small marsupial carnivores of about 60 cms in length on average. They are furred creatures, with white spots. The spotted tailed quoll as the name suggests, is the only variety of quoll with spots on the tail.

There are four different species of quolls. The spotted tailed quoll, the western quoll, the eastern quoll and the northern quoll. The differences between the quolls are minimal. The eastern quoll is found only in Tasmania, the north quoll in tropical north Queensland, the western quoll in southern Western Australia and the spotted tailed quoll along the east coast.

They feed on small animals, plants, lizards, birds, insects, fruit and carrion (dead animals). 

Did you know? The Spotted Tail Quoll is the worlds second largest marsupial carnivore.

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