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Quokka (Setonix branchyuras)


The Quokka


The Quokka is found in Western Australia, mainly on Rottnest Island (near Perth). They also exist in small groups on the mainland in bushland surrounding Perth. They thrive in a warm climate, living among bushland in tall grass. They create their own trails and paths for feeding and escaping predators.

Quokkas resemble a small wallaby, with small rounded ears, and brown or greyish fur. These animals breed year round, and have a gestation period of 4 months before a new joey is born. The joey lives in its mother's pouch for the first 25 weeks of its life. After leaving the pouch, the joey continues to suckle at its mother's teets for a further 10 weeks. 

Quokkas feed at night on grasses or leaves, however they can go for long periods of time without feeding or water.

Amazing Fact: Quokkas recycle a small amount of their bodies waste products.


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