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Numbat (Myrmecobius fasciatus) (Walpurti)

The Numbat

[Image Source: Australian Wildelife Conservancy]

Numbats (also known as Walpurti) are small marsupials, which feed almost solely on termites. Because of this, they are also known as the Banded Anteater. When fully grown, they reach about 40 cms from nose to tail.

They inhabit woodlands in Western Australia, this is the only state in which they are found in the wild. To improve numbat numbers, they are also bred in captivity at the Perth Zoo. However, a new colony has now been established in South Australia. The area in which they live have a high termite population, and each numbat can consume up to 20,000 per day! Numbats have a long snout, and this helps them to find termites in soil. They also have a long tongue which aids when feeding on termites.


Amazing Fact: Numbats feed almost solely on termites, of which they consume about 20,000 per day!

Did you know? Numbats are one of the few marsupials who are active during the day. 

Numbats were critically endangered a few years ago, but populations have now increased. With their unique look, it makes them a very popular animal. Their body is covered in reddish-brown fur, and has white bands running across. They have long bushy tails, about the length of their body. 


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