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Irukandji Jellyfish (Carukua barnesi)

Irukandji Jellyfish

The Irukandji Jellyfish

The Irukandji (Carukua barnesi) inhabits Northen Australian waters. This is a deadly jellyfish, which is only 2.5 cenimetres in diameter, which makes it very hard to spot in the water.

This is a species of jellyfish which has become known about in recent years, due to deaths of swimmers in Australia. In 2002, Richard Jordon was stung whilst swimming off the coast of Hamilton Island. He was a 58 year old British tourist, unfortunately he died a few days later.

This deadly species of jellyfish is relater to another deadly jellyfish, the box jellyfish.

Amazing Fact: The Irukandji jellyfish is only 2.5 centimetres in diameter, but can cause death to humans within days.

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