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Frilled Neck Lizard (Chlamydosaurus kingii)

frilled neck lizard

The Frilled Neck Lizard running on its two hind legs.

The Frilled Neck Lizard is an amazing little reptile. It is also an Australian icon. They are between 70 to 90 cms long, and have a 'frill' around their head. When the lizard gets frightened, it opens its mouth and the frill is folded out. This is to make the lizard appear larger and is one of its defensive strategies against predators. The lizard can also run very fast, and it runs on its two hind legs.

Chlamydosaurus kingii

They live in hot tropical climates, so are found all over the northern part of Australia. They like to bathe themselves in the sun like other reptiles. They feed on all kinds of small insects. The frilled neck lizard can stay very still, and match the colour of its surroundings. It goes unnoticed by insects, and the frilled neck lizard can easily catch them before they have a chance to escape.

The female frilled neck lizard lays about 15 eggs. They take on average 3-4 months to hatch.

Amazing Fact: The Frilled Neck Lizard was pictured on Australia's two cent coin. The coins are no longer in circulation.



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