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Fairy Penguin

The Fairy Penguin (Eudyptula minor)



The Fairy Penguin is often a great tourist attraction in Australia, where people watch the colonies of these amazing creatures. They are found along the southern coast of Australia.

The penguins have a blue-type colour with a white chest. The penguins are attractive birds, and they waddle around in small groups in search of food or playing. They stand about 45 cms tall, and weigh around a kilo.

The penguins are great swimmers, and often dive to catch small fish, and other small ocean dwelling creatures. They stay dry, as their feathers are oily due to oil glands in the penguins tail.

The female penguins lay eggs, and incubate these for a period of 39 days. The male is also known to incubate the eggs. The hatchlings are then cared for by the penguin parents for the first three months of their new lives.

Animal Fact: Fairy Penguins live for an average of seven years.



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