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Dingo (Canis lupus dingo)

australian dingo

The Dingo

The Dingo is Australia's wild dog. It is found in Australia, in all states but Tasmania. They are found throughout the mainland of Australia, close to a source of water.

The Dingo is a medium sized dog, with a bushy tail, and red to yellow coat. Dingos do not bark, but they do howl.

It is not a native animal to Australia, and it is unsure how it arrived on our land, but the current theories are:

* Dingos were brought to Australia 15,000 years ago by Koori people.

* Dingos may be related to wild dogs in South East Asia, and taken to Australia for trade by sea-farers.


They are meat eaters, and try to feed mainly on this. If unavailable, dingos have been known to eat reptiles, and any food source it can find. When food is scarce, dingos group together to feed on larger animals such as kangaroos. Dingos usually stay and hunt in family groups or solitare.

Dingos mate once a year, and the female dingo (bitch) gives birth to up to eight puppies. The puppies are weened for two months.

Amazing Fact: When the puppies are two months old, the mother then regurgitates food for the pups for another two months.

After the pups are about four months old, they then begin hunting small game such as rabbits.

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