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Blue Mountains Tree Frog ()

Western Swamp Tortoise

The Blue Mountains Tree Frog

Found from the coast of New South Wales to the Blue Mountains the Blue Mountains Tree Frog is a beautifully coloured frog.  With a base colour of medium brown it has a dark line from its nose to its groin with a lighter line above it.  These frogs also have bright green spots on their head and limbs as well as orange and red marks on their arms and legs making them quite a sight to see.  They are wonderful jumpers and even great swimmers although they do not have webbed feet like other frogs. 







This 5 centimeter, (2 inch), long frog likes to hide under rocks near creeks and streams.  The female blue mountain tree frog lays about a thousand eggs on the floor of a rocky pool of water during the spring and summer.  When these eggs are fertilized the female will kick them so that they will disperse and have a greater chance of survival. During this time of year you can hear the male frog calling from the area where the females are present. The female frog can reproduce only at the age of 2 or 3 years.  The golden brown tadpoles live in streams and rivers take about four months to develop into a frog.  This frogs' diet consist of insects that live near the water source. 

Even though we don't know the exact number of blue mountains tree frogs we suspect that this number is decreasing because of the loss of their habitat.

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