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Australian Animals

African Wild Ass


Anteater (Banded Anteater) (Numbat)

Antechinus (Carpentarian Antechinus)

Arnhem Sheathtail Bat

Arnhem Tomb Bat

Australian Fur Seal

Australian Lesser Noddy

Australian Magpie

Australian Pelican

Australian Snake Overview

Banded Anteater (Numbat)

Banded Hare Wallaby

Bandicoot (Eastern Barred Bandicoot)

Bandicoot (Golden Bandicoot)

Bandicoot (Southern Brown Bandicoot)

Bandicoot (Western Barred Bandicoot)

Barren Goose (Cape Barren Goose)

Bat (Arnhem Sheathtail Bat)

Bat (Arnhem Tomb Bat)

Bat (Ghost Bat)

Bat (Greater Long-eared Bat)

Bat (Large-eared Pied Bat)

Bat (Orange Leaf-nosed Bat)

Bat (Pipistrelle Bat)

Bat (Troughtons Sheathtail Bat)

Baw Baw Frog

Bettong (Northern Bettong)


Black-footed Rocky Wallaby

Black Snake (Red Bellied Black Snake)

Black Swan

Blue Whale

Blue Mountains Tree Frog

Bluebottle Jellyfish

Blue-grey Mouse

Box Jellyfish

Bogong Moth

Bramble Cay Mosaic-tailed Rat

Bridled Nail-tailed Wallaby

Broad-headed Snake


Bronze-back Snake-lizard

Brown Snake

Brush-tailed Possum

Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby

Brush-tailed Bettong

Burrowing Bettong

Cape Barren Goose

Carpentarian Antechinus

Carpentarian Dunnart


Cay Mosaic-tailed Rat (Bramble Cay Mosaic-tailed Rat)

Central Rock Rat


Common Goanna (Lace Monitor)

Crocodile (Freshwater Crocodile)

Crocodile (Saltwater Crocodile)

Devil (Thorny Devil)




Dunnart (Long-tailed)

Dunnart (Carpentarian)

Dunnart (Julia Creek)

Dunnart (Kangaroo Island)

Dunnart (Sandhill)

Dusky-hopping Mouse

Eagle (Wedge Tailed Eagle)

Earthworm (Giant Gippsland Earthworm)

Eastern Barred Bandicoot

Eastern Snake-necked Turtle

Eastern Pebble-mound Mouse



Fairy Penguin

Falcon (Peregrine)

False Water Rat

Fin Whale

Flat-back Turtle

Fluffy Glider

Flying Fox (Spectacled)

Flying Fox (Grey-headed)

Fowl (Mallee Fowl)

Freshwater Crocodile

Frilled Neck Lizard

Frog (Baw Baw)

Frog (Blue Mountains Tree Frog)

Frog (Green Tree Frog)

Frog (Peppered Tree Frog)

Fur Seal (Australian)


Ghost Bat

Gilberts Potoroo

Giant Gipsland Earthworm

Glider (Fluffy or Yellow-bellied)

Glider (Mahogany Glider)

Glider (Sugar Glider)

Goanna (Common Goanna) (Lace Monitor)

Goanna (Heath Goanna)

Golden Bandicoot

Golden Backed Tree Rat

Goose (Cape Barren Goose)

Greater Stick-nest Rat

Greater Long-eared Bat

Great White Shark

Green Sea Turtle

Green Tree Frog

Grey-headed Flying Fox

Hairy-nosed Wombat (Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat)

Hare Wallaby (Banded Hare Wallaby)

Hare Wallaby (Rufous Hare Wallaby)

Hastings River Mouse

Heath Goanna

Helmeted Honeyeater

Humpback Whale

Huntsman Spider

Jellyfish (Bluebottle Jellyfish)

Jellyfish (Box Jellyfish)

Jellyfish (Irukandji Jellyfish)

Julia Creek Dunnart

Kangaroo Island Dunnart

Kangaroo (Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo)

Kangaroo (Red Kangaroo)

King Parrot





Lace Monitor (Common Goanna)

Large-eared Pied Bat

Leadbeaters Possum

Leaf-nosed Bat (Orange Leaf-nosed Bat)

Lesser Noddy (Australian)

Lizard (Frilled Neck Lizard)

Lizard (Bronze-back Snake-lizard)

Long-footed Potoroo

Long-eared Bat (Greater Long-eared Bat)

Long-tailed Dunnart

Lorikeet (Rainbow)

Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo


Magpie (Australian)

Mahogany Glider

Mallee Fowl

Mole (Northern Marsupial Mole)

Mole (Southern Marsupial Mole)

Monitor (Lace Monitor) (Common Goanna)

Mosaic-tailed Rat (Bramble Cay Mosaic-tailed Rat)

Moth (Bogong Moth)

Mountain Pygmy Possum

Mouse (Blue-grey Mouse)

Mouse (Dusky-hopping Mouse)

Mouse (Eastern Pebble-mound Mouse)

Mouse (Hastings River Mouse)

Mouse (Pilliga Mouse)

Mouse (Plains Mouse)

Mouse (Shark Bay Mouse)

Mouse (Smoky Mouse)

Mouse (Western Mouse)


Nail-tailed Wallaby (Bridled Nail-tailed Wallaby)

Noddy (Australian Lesser)

Northern Bettong

Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat

Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat

Northern Marsupial Mole

Numbat (Banded Anteater) (Numbat)

Orange Leaf-nosed Bat

Ornamental Snake

Pademelon (Tasmanian)

Parrot (King Parrot)

Pelican (Australian Pelican)

Peregrine Falcon

Peppered Tree Frog

Penguin (Fairy Penguin)

Phascogale (Red-tailed Phascogale)

Pied Bat (Large-eared Pied Bat)

Pilliga Mouse

Piping Shrike (White-backed Magpie)

Pipistrelle Bat

Plains Mouse


Possum (Brush Tailed Possum)

Possum (Leadbeaters Possum)

Possum (Mountain Pygmy Possum)

Possum (Western Ring-tailed Possum)

Potoroo (Gilberts Potoroo)

Potoroo (Long-footed Potoroo)

Prosperine Rock Wallaby


Quoll Overview

Quoll (Western Quoll) (Chudditch)

Rainbow Lorikeet

Rat (Bramble Cay Mosaic-tailed Rat)

Rat (Central Rock Rat)

Rat (False Water Rat)

Rat (Golden Backed Tree Rat)

Rat (Greater Stick-nest Rat)

Redback Spider

Red Bellied Black Snake

Red Kangaroo

Red-tailed Phascogale

Ring-tailed Possum (Western Ring-tailed Possum)

Rock Wallaby (Brush-tailed)

Rock Wallaby (Prosperine)

Rock Wallaby (Black-footed)

Rock Wallaby (Yellow-footed)

Rufous Hare Wallaby

Australian Snake Overview

Saltwater Crocodile

Sandhill Dunnart

Seal (Australian Fur)

Sea Turtle (Green Sea Turtle)

Sei Whale

Shark Bay Mouse

Shark (Great White Shark)

Sheathtail Bat (Arnhem Sheathtail Bat)

Sheathtail Bat (Troughtons Sheathtail Bat)

Shrike (Piping Shrike) (White-backed Magpie)

Skink (Yakka)

Smoky Mouse

Snake-lizard (Bronze-back)

Snake-necked Turtle (eastern)

Snake (Broad-headed)

Snake (Brown)

Snake (Red Bellied Black)

Snake (Ornamental)

Southern Brown Bandicoot

Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombat

Southern Marsupial Mole

Spectacled Flying Fox

Sperm Whale

Spider (Huntsman Spider)

Spider (Redback Spider)

Spider (Wolf Spider)

Stick-nest Rat (Greater Stick-nest Rat)


Sugar Glider

Swan (Black Swan)

Sawmp Tortoise (Western)

Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine)

Tasmanian Pademelon

Thorny Devil

Tomb Bat (Arnhem Tomb Bat)

Tree Frog (Peppered Tree Frog)

Tree Frog (Green Tree Frog)

Tree Frog (Blue Mountains)

Tree Kangaroo (Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo)

Tree Rat (Golden Backed Tree Rat)

Troughtons Sheathtail Bat

Turtle (Eastern Snake-necked Turtle)

Turtle (Flat-back Turtle)

Turtle (Green Sea Turtle)

Tortoise (Western Swamp Tortoise)

Wallaby (Banded Hare Wallaby)

Wallaby (Black-footed Rock)

Wallaby (Bridled Nail-tailed Wallaby)

Wallaby (Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby)

Wallaby (Prosperine Rock Wallaby)

Wallaby (Rufous Hare Wallaby)

Wallaby (Yellow-footed Rock)


Water Rat (False Water Rat)

Wedge Tailed Eagle

Western Barred Bandicoot

Western Mouse

Western Native Cat (Western Quoll) (Chudditch)

Western Quoll (Chudditch)

Western Ring-tailed Possum

Western Swamp Tortoise

Whale (Blue Whale)

Whale (Fin Whale)

Whale (Humpback Whale)

Whale (Sei Whale)

Whale (Sperm Whale)

Wolf Spider

Worm (Giant Gippsland Earthworm)

Wombat (Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat)

Common Wombat

Wild Ass (African Wild Ass)


Yakka Skink

Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby

Yellow-bellied Glider

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